JR Advanced Engineering Projects

Case study examples of our accomplishments.

Autodesk Openstack/Automation

Primary task to leverage new technologies and deploy a new Private Cloud Architecture, support existing products and planned growth coinciding with their move to a subscription Saas Model

Review existing Architecture

Develop a strategic 5 yr plan to address current and future planned capacity.

Rollout a template of new architecture,

Test and validation with existing Saas Products.

Extend Template to existing US Data centers.

Buildout new Emea and Apac Data Centers



Primary task to Develop a long term strategy to support projected transaction growth volume.

Review existing Architecture

Develop a strategic 8 yr plan to address New Datacenter Deployments

Refurbish/decomission existing data Centers

Implement Tactical Datacenter deployments

Manage data center porfolios/budget/schedule

Buildout new Phoenix, Denver & Salt Lake City data centers

Wells Fargo

Primary task to Coordinate the Development a long term strategy to support the integration of new Network properties resulting from ongoing Mergers and Acquisition Activity.

Define Key Merger integration Milestones.

Define  timeline.

Manage integration Task to include: Security Assement; Firewall integration; network integration; Bank services integration.


Build a Mergers and Acquisition Environment to support Future Activity.


Define Capacity required.

Coordinate Design, Deployment & Test of new M & A Environment.

Manage Integration of New Properties. Task to include: Services deployment and migration; Disaster Recovery Planning and Setup

Cloud Solutions: AWS, Azure

Private Cloud: Openstack, VMWare

Primary task is to Manage the Design, deployment, test and production activation of various types of Infrastructures’.

Basic infrastructure deployment (LDAP, DNS, Bastions, WINAdmin)

Networking: VPN, 3rd Party Circuit, Firewall & Load Balancing

NAS, Monitoring



Primary task is to Manage the Design, deployment, test and production activation of Private Cloud Infrastructure.

Enabling the deployment of a Call Center Saas Solution


Provide Consulting expertise in developing Cloud Service deployment models to Improve Saas product efficiencies, customer experience and ROI

Review Monetization models

Develop Cost Model report across all BU’s

Identify Cost trends

Identify enterprise level cost savings

Manage review and selection of cost mitigation products. Deine a strategic plan spanning 3 yrs to identify key competencies for evolution.