About Us

JR Advanced Engineering has been providing consulting and engineering services to cutting-edge technology companies for over 20 years. JRAE brings together experience and expertise gathered across a wide spectrum of initiatives, creating an engineering organization capable of assimilating those design parameters unique to the client’s requirements. JRAE provides design methodologies and applies the system engineering and integration approaches required to assist the client in its goal of creating a superior product.

JRAE has extensive experience in the design, development, and deployment of entire infrastructure and application architectures, which includes public and private cloud, data centers, network infrastructure, and security infrastructure design, deployment and testing.

Every complex endeavor presents itself with a series of challenges. Our ability to identify them and develop strategies for addressing them is what sets us apart from the competition.

We strive to not just succeed in our efforts, but to have our clients leave their competition behind!

Forbes Lists

We work with some of the most Innovative, Diverse, and Global companies named by Forbes


of our top clients are 

Fortune 500 companies.


Over the years our efforts have grown from individual  projects to large Program Initiatives critical to our clients operations.

Our reputation for Performance & Talent has enabled  us to establish long and fruitful relationships with our  clients.